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  Remove "red-eye" effect from your images.

Advanced Time Control is a program every parent should have if his or her child is 5-16 years old.

The most common danger computer brings to your child is not even offensive Internet content, but an addiction to the computer. About 70% of boys that have computers and over 30% of girls spend more than 7 hours per day in front of the monitor.

It is too much to be not harmful to their health. As a rule, children work on their computers without having necessary breaks. You should help your child to limit these "harmful hours" in order to save his or her health!

Advanced Time Control lets you specify when exactly and how long your PC can be used and select users, which will be allowed to use the PC without any limits.

An unauthorized user cannot uninstall the product, even if the user is highly advanced one! At the same time, the program can easily be disabled or uninstalled by an authorized user.

Remember that your child needs your help in setting the limits!

Version 0.9 Date
December 4, 2003
Size 1486 kb Free to download

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