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VicMan Software is a leading developer of graphic software for personal computers. The company was established in 2001 by Victor Sazhin. Started as a hobby business, VicMan Software has developed several unique technologies for digital imaging. As a result, in 2005, the company was completely reorganized to present these cutting edge technologies to the business market.

Our mission is to create the best products and provide the best services for our customers, encouraging them to get the most opportunities from digital imaging for their business, entertainment, and creativity. "Get the most out of digital photos" - that’s our motto.

We specialize in the development of fully automatic solutions that provide one-click enhancement of digital images.

Our software line offers advanced image processing techniques to both novice users and experienced photographers. They can easily edit, enhance, and organize their digital photos with VicMan products.

Inspired by the idea that most casual photographers need a photo processing solution, but do not want to learn sophisticated graphic applications, we developed a number of unique technologies that allow users to correct the most common problems found in digital images.

Focused on the innovative technologies development, each and every product delivers superior value by providing a complete solution to meet users' needs.

Our goal is to provide valuable solutions for both end users and licensors, such as consumer electronics manufacturers. We do this by offering customized solutions that support device adoption and new licensing schemes and offer consumers effective applications.
VicMan Software headquarters are located in Moscow, Russia and Alexandria, VA, USA.

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