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  Quickly hide active window with a hot key

Now we give you this program for free!
Please, install the trial version and then open this file in your Explorer.

Working with your PC presumes a certain level of privacy which is not easily achievable in a crowded office with inquisitive colleagues and a patronizing boss or a living-room full of over-caring and curious relatives. When writing a confidential email, entering sensitive data (such as your password) in a web form or performing other actions you would prefer nobody to watch, you can go different ways:

  • do nothing;
  • close the active window, consequently losing all data entered in it;
  • reboot the computer and lose yet more data;
  • use Boss Key to instantly hide the active window.

For just $15 your copy of Boss Key will be always on guard and you will be able to preserve your privacy by pressing an easy-to-remember hotkey combination.

Version 1.6 Date Sep 25, 01 Size 298 kb Price $15

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