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  Control your CD-ROM door with Hot Key

Now we give you this program for free!
Please, install the trial version and then open this file in your Explorer.

If you use your CD-ROM drive more often than once a week, you might have already noticed that ejecting CDs through My Computer or Windows Explorer is neither comfortable nor quick. Opening and closing your CD-ROM manually is also difficult, especially when the case stands on the floor or in other hard-to-reach place.

HotKey CD-Eject is a compact tool that lets you eject CDs with a hotkey combination or a double-click on the program icon. The keystroke combination is customizable and can be changed at any time. The tool shows its presence in the system tray, changing the icon's color depending on whether the CD-ROM contains a CD or not. The tool works with multiple CD-ROM drives, letting you assign different hotkeys for different drives, and can load on startup.

Version 2.3 Date April 1, 2002 Size 370 kb Price $10

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