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   Make all your photos look and feel like your best shot!

We are launching our new product line, available on Pho.to site. Pho.to products combine everything a camera owner needs to fix, enhance, share and show off their photos in style. In this product line, we wrapped all our advanced technologies in an attractive and user-friendly interface. Go to Pho.to site to download Pho.to products, as well as brand new galleries for 3D Album and Screensaver, for free.

Color Correction Wizard

Whether you are a professional or a home user, Color Correction Wizard is the right tool for you. It will make the best of your photos and save your time and energy.
This powerful yet easy-to-grasp tool easily fixes a host of common digital imaging problems enabling the user to correct or enhance large collections of images within a couple of minutes.
The program effectively solves poor contrast and color balance problems providing a more natural look to your images or helping increase saturation and achieve richer colors.
Color Correction Wizard has still another useful feature. It also helps you prepare digital photos for web galleries giving them the same look & feel (color, contrast and brightness) and size. All you need is to select the template image and the characteristics you want to impose upon other images.

So, how can you correct or enhance your images with the help of Color Correction Wizard?

  • Let the program automatically correct your images levels, contrast and color balance.


  • Adjust brightness, contrast and gamma (red, green and blue channels) manually.


  • Select the template image (an image that is successful or appropriate in terms of color, brightness or contrast), and the program will apply one or several of its parameters to other images, giving them a similar style. Moreover, the program can resize multiple images according to the template image size.

    It is an excellent opportunity for web designers who often need to quickly prepare a large collection of images with the similar characteristics: gamma, brightness, contrast and size. You don't have to make a tremendous amount of adjustments manually. You don't have to resize your images one by one. You don't even have to be familiar with the terms "levels", "contrast", "color balance" and the like. Just select an image you like, and make all other pictures look and feel like the template image!


Version 1.1

May 24, 2007 

Size 5901 kb Free to download

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