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 Our Services

VicMan Software began offering web design services since April, 2002. We offer a complete range of services such as website development and redesign, design of banners and other types of online advertisements.

 Our Team
Our team consists of professional web designers, HTML coders and web programmers with wide practical experience. Our talented and hard-working colleagues will deliver first-class quality products to you for a very competitive price.
 Our Works
An excellent illustration of our team's capabilities is the website you are currently browsing, VicMan Software.
 Our Prices
We offer one of the lowest and most attractive prices in our quality group:
we will charge you from $500 for a small to medium-sized website and from just $3000 for a large complicated portal.

Of course, these prices are for guidance only and the final cost will depend solely on the complexity of your task, its volume and the time spent on it.
You can be assured that we offer the one of the best price-to-quality rate on the market.

Contact us and tell us in your own words what you would like us to do and how soon you wish to have it done and we will estimate the approximate cost of the work and the period of time it could be carried out in.
 For Web Design Studios
Despite becoming an independent player on the web design market recently, we continue working with design studios by contract. Double the productivity of your team and the turnover of your company by outsourcing your orders to us. We guarantee full confidentiality.

Contact us and increase your profits!
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