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 Our Services

Our company offers the following services: custom software development both for home/personal and commercial use as well as tailoring our products to your needs.

 Application and Programming Modules Development

Does your company need specific software for internal use? Maybe a LAN tool, a DMBS program, a corporate website engine or a security related tool? Or is that a simple application to relieve your office workers of tiring routine?

Take advantage of our experience in software development. Our company will deliver the product in the shortest possible period of time and will charge you an extremely attractive price. You will receive both the developed application and its source code.

 Custom Software Development
Our premium service!
Do you need an image editor, a DBMS or an email-tool with specific features that are not present in any product on the market?
Choose between paying $10 000 or more for an application made from scratch (and wait for it to be developed for several months) or paying and waiting much less for an existing program in our product range tailored to your specific needs.

Order a custom version of our software and save up lots of money and time!
 Our Team
Our team includes talented and diligent programmers, interface designers and technical writers with wide experience in software development and adjoining fields of work:
  • Databases
  • Imaging
  • Internet and intranet
  • LAN networking
  • Security and cryptography
  • Web development
  • Corporate Information Systems
  • Corporate Automation
  • Games
  • 3D

    Development tools and technologies:
  • C++/Delphi/Visual Basic
  • Java
  • Perl/PHP/JavaScript/VBScript
  • ActiveX
  • OpenGL/Direct3D
  • Assembler
 Our Works
Our team has worked on more than fifty different projects which included developing software both for personal and commercial use.
 Free Cost Estimate
Contact us and tell us in your own words what you would like us to do and how soon you wish to have it done and we will estimate the approximate cost of the work and the period of time it could be carried out in.
 For Solution Providers And Software Developers
If you have orders, but your team has not enough time to work on them, contact us and let us develop them for you.
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