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Jpeg Fixer was renamed to Jpeg Enhancer! Please, click here!

  Recover the images, ruined by the JPEG compression

As everyone knows, JPEG (.jpg) image compression doesn't save all the information, contained in an image. It makes images very small in terms of the disk space (e.g. comparing with .bmp), but also damages them with a "blotchy look" and the "JPEG artifacts". Most graphics editors have JPEG as a default format. And almost all digital photo cameras save images in JPEG format as well.

Jpeg Fixer
is an easy to use and extremely powerful program that lets you recover the images, damaged by a low-quality JPEG compression.

It uses a unique technology that lets even the novices to easily, quickly and effectively remove the so-called "JPEG artifacts" and a "blotchy look" from his/her images.

Unlike all other methods, our intellectual science-intensive technology, developed by graduated scientists, doesn't damage your photos simply by blurring them, but recovers them, meaning that your images will look like they looked before the JPEG compression!

Jpeg Fixer is the only product available on the market that is able to recover the JPEG images smartly.

Jpeg Fixer is useful for everyone who deals with JPEG images. It's a must have tool for design studios and publishers as well!

Version 0.96 Date
October 2, 2003
Size 1903 kb
Free to download
(huge discounts until release!)

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